Mediterranee Expeditie


For shipping of all your cargo to and from Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands we will always find a suitable truck. Our agency has formed an alliance with high quality shipping-agents, to ensure the transport of your cargo will be executed with the greatest accuracy and care. FENEX conditions are applied for the services of our alliances. You can select a truck with full freight, but we also offer the possibility to make use of our grouping service.

Cooled Trucks

Besides regular trucks we can arrange cooled trucks for transport of goods that require a specific temperature. Products that are linked to cooled trucks are for example deep frozen goods, provisions, fruits or vegetables. These cooled trucks are provided with partition walls and a double vaporizer. The main advantage of this system is the possibility to transport cargo during multi-temperature; a system where one part of the truck is kept at for example +5 degrees while the other half is cooled to -20 degrees for deep frozen cargo.

Possibilities of Transport

Besides truck transport, we often decide to use trains for the shipping of certain goods, because the pricing could be more efficient. In this scenario we will always discuss the variety of possibilities with you so we can choose the best solution together.

Do you require more information regarding trucks or different transport solutions? You can contact us anytime.