Mediterranee Expeditie
Transport to and from Italy

Transport to and from Italy

On a weekly basis we drive through the marvelous Italy to load and unload cargo. Are you however looking for transport options to and from Italy? We can offer you just this. We ship a variety of products and in order to achieve this we always search for the most efficient transportation solution.

Are you still in doubt if the goods you would like to have transported belong to our capacity? Be sure to contact us so we can discuss the different possibilities regarding transport of your cargo.

About Mediterranee Expeditie

We have settled in Nieuw Vennep (NL) but we have additional offices in Breda (NL) and Valencia (ES). Our range of work is rather broad; we operate in Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. In Italy we primarily drive to Torino, Genoa, Verona, Padova, Ravenna, Firenze and Roma but cities besides those also form a possibility for transport. For transport to or from Italy you can count on us. We fluently speak Italian and we are fully aware of all rules and regulations regarding transport on Italian roads. For example rules about maximum weight of a truck on certain specific highways. Our experience will leave you carefree when outsourcing transport to us.

Transport Italy

On a weekly basis we travel to Italy for loading and unloading. In general we load fruits, vegetables and wine on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and we unload potatoes and different types of general cargo at the start of the week. But obviously other types of cargo belong to the many possibilities at Mediterranee Expeditie. Whether it comes to one pallet or a complete truckload, Mediterranee Expeditie can manage the transport for your specific needs. Besides Italy we also unload in adjacent country Slovenia, often vegetables. We can load or unload a broad variety of products in this country for you.

Would you like to receive additional information in regard to transport in Italy? Contact us, so we can explain our services and we offer you the most efficient solutions in transport.