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Grouping services

Grouping services

The prospect may occur where you want to transport cargo, but you don’t have enough goods for a full freight. In this case we advise you our grouping services. All we require from you is an instruction about the products you want to transport, the destination and desired time. With this information we create an efficient plan. This will leave you unconcerned and reassured of a reliable transport process of your cargo.

Grouping at Mediterranee Expeditie

Mediterranee Expeditie is an agency for international transport with over 15 years in experience. We will always try to find an efficient method to get your cargo from one place to another. We achieve this by combining different product and by determining efficient routes. We consistently provide optimal international grouping transport of your cargo. We specialize in grouping of plants, trees, naval supplies, general cargo, provisions, deep frozen products, fruits and vegetables.

When shipping your cargo we certainly are aware of regulations in different countries regarding weight of the truck and freight. Therefore we occasionally choose to transport your goods by train, when this provides the most efficient solution. We execute grouping during six days of the week, Sundays form the exception. During transport we always check the temperature of the cargo. Herefore you can be certain we arrange the transportation process of your goods in a competent manner.

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