Mediterranee Expeditie
Loads / Freights

Loads / Freights

Our agency manages international transport for different freights and truckloads. We have a vast area of work ranging from Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. We are experienced in organizing the following types of cargo:


In commision of tree nurseries we pick up trees at nurseries all over the European continent, especially in the Italian regions of Pistoia, Latina and Albugnano, or the Spanish regions of Valencia, Elche and Barcelona. We dispatch those trees to the demanded location. Trees are transported in cylindrical containers and cc containers with tautliners and tilt trailers. Read More>


Plants are essential for all life on our planet; therefore it is of utmost importance to handle the transport of plants carefully. Whenever your organization decides to outsource the shipping of plants to Mediterranee Expeditie, the plants are transported in tautliners or tilt trailers. Our agency mainly focuses on the Italian areas of Pistoia, Latina and Albugnano and the Spanish regions of Valencia, Elche and Barcelona. Other regions in Europe are also within our capabilities. Read More>

Deep Frozen Products

When shipping deep frozen cargo it is essential that the products preserve their temperature throughout the entire process of transport. To guarantee the preservation of temperature we can install a control system inside the truck. This specified system creates a report of the temperature during international transport in Europe. Read More>

Fruits and vegetables

We ship fruits and vegetables to and from different countries in the European continent. In this scenario it is also of high importance that the products remain their temperature. For this reason, we use cooled trucks to ship fruits and vegetables. Read more>


We export provisions like cheeses, pasta or wines. For this type of cargo we make use of cooled trailers, so the products can be transported with the best possible quality. In the market of provisions we mainly operate in the regions of Torino, Genoa, Verona, Milano, Padova, Ravenna, Firenze, Roma, Bordeaux, Lyon, Nantes, Bretagne, Paris, Barcelona and Madrid amongst others. Read more>

Naval Supplies

Throughout the European continent we load and unload naval supplies for large cruises and other types of ships. Those ships are often mounted in port in Italian and Spanish cities, but we do not limit our range of work to ports in those countries. We can manage the transport of your naval supplies in a lot of European cities. Read more>

General Cargo

General cargo includes all goods that are not measured in volume or weight, but in individual items. General cargo will be transported on top of pallets trough Western- and Southern Europe. Read More>

International Transport

You now may be aware that international transport at our agency can exist of many different types of cargo. There is the option to have us ship a full truckload, but the possibility to use our grouping service also is in high demand. To settle the different possibilities you can always contact us.