Mediterranee Expeditie
Reliable Transport of Naval Supplies

Reliable Transport of Naval Supplies

Are you searching a trustworthy agency to manage the transport of your naval supplies? Mediterranee Expeditie can offer you exactly what you require. Naval supplies are goods for the crew of a ship or the guest of a yacht. Troughout the European continent we load ship’s provision for large yachts and other ships. These boats are often located in different large ports in Italy and Spain, but we can provide transport for ports in other European countries besides Italy and Spain.


Regarding naval supplies there is a certain differentiation between different types of stock. These could be fresh foods like vegetables and meats but also deep frozen products. It is essential to be aware of the atmospheric enquiries of different types of supplies, in order to transport them in the best possible quality. With over 15 years of experience as an agency for international transport we know exactly how to store different types of supplies. We can, when necessary, use pre-cooled cargo trucks. Those trucks are equipped with partition walls and a double evaporator. The main profit of this technique is the possibility to transport cargo in multi-temperature. This provides the opportunity to store goods at +6 degrees in on compartment of the truck, while another part is used to store deep frozen products at -20 degrees.

About Mediterranee Expeditie

Mediterranee expeditie is an international agency for transport with more than 5 years of niche experience. We will always pursue to find an ideal solution to get your commodities from one location to another. One of our strategies is to combine the transport of different types of goods. When moving your supplies we obviously are aware of the diverse regulations and rules in different European countries, concerning weight of the truck. Besides we sometimes prefer to transport stock by train, when this provides the most efficient means of transport. We use grouping of goods on six days every week, Sundays form the exception. We assure you a professional and careful approach in regard to your naval supplies.

Would you like to obtain more information about transporting ship commodities or any of our other services? You can always contact us so we can tell you about the possibilities!