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Transport of Trees

Transport of Trees

Are you looking for an institution to outsource the transport of your trees? At Mediterranee Expeditie we are very welcome to help you. An arboriculture is involved with reproducing and cultivating trees, shrubs, fruit-trees, vegetables or conifers in respect of the green space. In this scenario, the necessity may appear where loads of trees need to be picked up at nursery gardens across Europe, or trees from your nursery need to be delivered elsewhere at the continent.


Whenever your organisation decides to outsource the transport of trees to Mediterranee Expeditie, the plants and trees will be hauled in cylindrical containers and cc containers with tautliners or tilt trailers. Often, the trees are picked up from Italy (Pistoia, Latina, Albugnano) or Spain (Valencia, Elche, Barcelona). Afterwards they are transported to wholesale trade settlements in the Ruhr district, but also to auctions in Beiswijk and Honselersdijk. Essentially, we can transport your plants from any European location to any destination, so feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Your nursery transport

We gladly pick up tree cargo anywhere in Europe to deliver it at your requested destination. All these transportations will be executed with the greatest care and concern, to ensure your trees reach their delivery address in perfect state. Carefully nursed trees need a certain precision and diplomacy regarding transportation. At Mediterranee Expeditie we have over 15 years of experience in transit of nursery trees. We will always try to find the best suitable approach to get your plants from one to another point. Would you like to obtain more information in reference to our services or would you like to subcontract your tree transport to us? Don’t hesitate to contact us!