Mediterranee Expeditie
Transport of Provisions

Transport of Provisions

Cooled commodities transport

Would you prefer to leave the transport of commodities to another organization? We can manage it for you. Mediterranee Expeditie exports stock like sealed cheese, pasta or wines. To provide the best atmosphere for your cargo we use trucks with built-in cooling equipment. Also the trucks we use have partition walls and a double humidifier. The main profit from this means of transport is the possibility to use multi-temperature. One part of the trailer could be used to store goods at +6 degrees where the other part cools goods to -20 degrees.

The benefits of contracting Mediterranee Expeditie

When you decide to contract our agency for international transport, you will notice a few essential aspects that distinguishes us from our competitors. We carefully listen to your demands and wishes. Besides, we will propose a solution for international transport that matches with your company. Because we manage the full spectrum of transport, from loading to delivering, you receive the most carefree procedure anyone can offer.

Your commodity transport

Regarding stock transport we operate in the following few areas: Torino, Genoa, Milano, Verona, Padova, Ravenna, Firenze, Roma, Bordeaux, Lyon, Nantes, Bretagne, Paris, Barcelona and Madrid. With the greatest care we transit your commodities throughout Southern Europe. We offer the possibility to combine transport of commodities with our grouping services. To discuss the possibilities for transport you can contact us, we kindly help you with any problem regarding transport.